apartmentanlage _hennigsdorf

building type:
Apartment complex
Construction of 3 single houses with underground parking
Albert-Schweitzer-Straße 16, Berliner Straße 67/68 und Seilerstraße 2, Hennigsdorf
gross floor area:
8.299 m²
Christburk Anlagen GmbH
stage 3- 5 and 8 according to hoai, general planners and project management

The apartment complex is located at Berliner Straße 67/68 in Hennigsdorf and is currently in the construction phase.
The project consists of 72 apartments in three detached buildings. The big challenge for mmrtg | architects was
not only to manage the revision of the draft, but also as the complete implementation planning synchronous to the start of construction.
In addition, our office is responsible for planning the outdoor facilities for the apartment complex.

The shape of the building adapts to the surroundings and is taken up again in the curved beds.
The apartments have a modern floor plan and are mostly barrier-free.
The estimated completion date for houses 1 and 2 is June 2022 and August 2022 for house 3.