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utilization planning

the holistic/integral approach:
the successful project is
distinguished through
high-graded architecture,
technically perfected planning
and competent management.
by integrating architecture,
planning and project management,
processes are optimized,
cost and deadline management
ensured as well as aesthetic and
sustainable architecture created.

• status analysis
• concept development
• design
• interior design
• visualisation

mmrtg|architekten represent a young and innovative approach to the architectural dispute.
Our design principles are based on a wide and conceptual grounding.  The functional associations of a buildings usage, the Genus Loci as well as the intentional requirements and aesthetic genuine truths, are the key elements that form our language of architecture.
With these ambitions and the visions of our clients, we believe that we can develop sustainable architecture.


• building law regulations
• planning permission
• detailed design
• detailed planning
• quality assurance

mmrtg|architekten stand for a consistent design development.
By bringing technical knowledge and the aesthetic architectural understanding together with a constant and progressive revision of the drawing work during the planning process, the maintenance of a high standard from the initial sketch idea through to the finished building will be ensured.
We always reflect the quality of our designs in the finished and built detail.


project management
• acquisition and development of significant project aims
• management of participating project parties
• budget and cost planning
• definition and supervision of qualities
• planning coordination and proving
• deadline scheduling and monitoring

mmrtg|architekten provide project management as an individual assignment or in connection with architectural or general planning work.
Through personal support at defining the key points of your planning requirements, we will contribute to the Value Management of your project.
At mmrtg|architekten project management stands for an active deadline planning and cost control of your project as well as the setting and specification of standards of qualities in planning and realisation.
The standard for the success of a project is the realisation of the developers expectations regarding rate of returns, which are inseparably connected with meeting claims of future users and providers.